Collection: Knots

Explore the captivating "Clay by K8K" Knot Collection, a tribute to the intricate connections found in sailing and knitting, weaving the duality of emotions associated with knots. Each piece is meticulously hand-thrown on a pottery wheel, adorned with intricately handcrafted knotted embellishments. Inspired by the fluidity of sailing and the delicate precision of knitting, this collection embodies both masculine and feminine energies.

Immerse yourself in a playful palette of colors that dance across each piece, mirroring the emotions evoked by knots—strong yet delicate, complex yet beautifully interconnected. Much like connections and pottery, knots are found in many different aspects of life, symbolizing the beauty of intertwining paths and relationships. The Knot Collection is a unique and visually stunning addition to your space, inviting you to elevate your decor with these handcrafted treasures that seamlessly blend form, function, and artistic expression.