About k8k

Clay by K8K, based in Los Angeles, is the artistic venture of a talented LGBTQ+ potter. K8K's journey into the world of pottery began with a heartwarming surprise from her wonderful wife, who gifted her pottery classes for her birthday. Pottery had always intrigued K8K, and once she delved into it, her natural talent emerged. Today, they continue to create pottery together, a testament to their shared passion and creativity.

K8K's artistic journey is also shaped by her resilience as an HS warrior, bravely navigating life with a chronic disease. Despite the challenges, she harnesses the power of her hands to throw beautiful pieces, defying the limitations of her condition. Her determination and passion shine through in every creation, making her art an inspiring embodiment of strength and creativity.

Infusing her pottery with vibrant shapes, colors, and the rich tapestry of her multi-cultural background, K8K celebrates diversity, self-expression, and the transformative power of art. Each piece tells a unique story, waiting to find a place in your home and become a cherished part of your own narrative.

Discover the unique charm of Clay by K8K, where artistry, love, and resilience converge to create pottery that resonates with authenticity and beauty.