Collection: 2023 k8k Collection

Embark on a vibrant journey through my first year as a potter with the Clay by K8K 2023 Collection. This collection showcases my exploration of various techniques, resulting in a captivating array of pottery pieces.

Drawing from classic pottery skills, I've pushed the boundaries by throwing bigger, attaching clay to clay, and skillfully crafting handles. In each creation, I seamlessly blend throwing and hand building techniques, merging them into one cohesive piece. Intriguing chains, a play of glaze colors, and captivating shapes further add to the dynamic nature of this collection.

Throughout my artistic journey, I've ventured into exploring different clay bodies and textures, adding depth and tactile interest to each creation. This experimentation results in a diverse range of pieces, each with its own unique character and charm.

Join me in celebrating the joy of technique and the vibrant exploration of form and texture in the Clay by K8K 2023 Collection. Discover the beauty that lies within the skillful fusion of classic pottery techniques and bold artistic experimentation.